Confident Kid Boot Camp

Growth Mindset Workshop

An introduction to growth mindset for parents and teachers of children ages 1-5 | taught by Tracy Cutchlow

Course description

This course for you if ...

  • you haven't heard of growth mindset
  • you've heard a little about growth mindset but don't know what to say to your child beyond, "You worked so hard!"
  • your child looks to you for approval more than you'd like.
  • you want to encourage your child to keep trying without resorting to bribes.
  • your child gives up easily and you want to turn that around.
  • you have a fixed mindset -- doing only things you already know you'll be good at, a fear of making mistakes -- and you don't want to pass it on to your kid.

“I cannot thank you enough. I feel like I am freeing [my daughter] from the prison I have lived in my entire life.” – P.C.

In this course, I'll share the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset, how mindset affects kids' approach to school, why praise is a trap, and what we can say instead to raise confident kids. 

You'll have chances for reflection and feedback (and if you take them, you'll get more out of the course).

In the end, you'll come away with concrete steps to raise a confident child with a growth mindset. 

And you don't need to add any extra activities to your day--you only need to change the way you respond in situations that come up naturally.

Tracy Cutchlow
Tracy Cutchlow
Zero to Five

Tracy Cutchlow is the author of the international bestseller Zero to Five: 70 Essential Parenting Tips Based on Science. She is a public speaker, the editor of the Brain Rules books, a licensed Language of Listening® coach, and on the board of Program for Early Parent Support (PEPS). Two beliefs drive her work with parents: 

No new parent should feel alone. 
Every child should be seen and feel heard.  

Tracy is a mom, a recovering perfectionist, an award-winning former journalist, a triathlete, a yogi, and a lover of nature. She lives in Seattle, where you'll find her biking around with her husband and their spirited 6-year-old daughter.

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by Maria Piromalli

by Maria Piromalli